"Merkantil Car Mobil ""C"" Kötvény", HU0000301957 ISIN Base de données


 ISIN HU0000301957 "Merkantil Car Mobil ""C"" Kötvény"
 Bet   no
 Class of share  
 Date of issue (mm-dd-yyyy)   02.05.1996
 Denomination   HUF
 Expiration (mm-dd-yyyy)   02.04.2002
 Issuer based   Budapest
 Issuer full name   Merkantil Car Gépjármű Lízing Rt.
 Issuer id number   10438437.0000
 Issuer short name   MERKANTILC
 Nominal   0.0000
 Share kind  
 Status   cancelled
 Stock form   Physical
 Stock full name   "Merkantil Car Mobil ""C"" Kötvény"
 Stock kind   BOND
 Total nominal value   672161000.0000
 Type   Registered share

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 HU0000301957 "Merkantil Car Mobil ""C"" Kötvény"

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